THE NARRATION OF DELTA'S EXPERIENCE.Do not rush into meeting people whom you just made friends on Dating apps.Do not

I use to surf internet to find new experiences and I was trying to experience a gangbang.I was also trying to test my limts. So I was surfing in grindr for many days and found a few interesing oppurtunities. But one of them struck right.
His name was fred 24 yrs from Runda. I went to meet him in a kuchu pub in Nai Tom mboya street. We had a few drinks and we discussed where and how we are gonna do a gangbang. He told me that he has 3 gym friends who are interested.
So after fixing the date and time I booked the lodging we had agreed here in Nairobi since he knew the management.
The day came and I went to the lodge at 11 am and took two bottles of vodka with me and started waiting and drinking.
After about half an hour I heard the door knoking. When I opened the door there were some masculine luo men standing outside smiling at me like I was a bitch.I thought I wud talk to Fred that there were too many and I was not ready for it. But before I could even count them they came in and one of them grabbed me from back and started touching my dik. I resisted but another one grabbed my legs and started undressing me. They grabbed me so that I couldn't move. others started undressing themselves. Without even talking. Fred was also standing there and watched all this happen.
Finally I was naked and bouncing like a fish ouside water. They threw me on bed. One of them came and sat on my chest with his legs on my hands so I couldn't move.he started jerking off on my of them started jerking my dick.I got hard and horny so I opened my mouth and started sucking the guy who was sitting on my chest..others were standing and jerking their dks.
   I was worried but very horny too.The cock I was sucking was not very big. It was usual size about 6.5Inches long..But some of them were very big...
Then suddenly I felt that somebody poured something on my ass and started putting his fingers in. He finger fucked me for some time. Then he stopped for a few seconds.
  Then he started pushing something inside. I realized that it was his cock. This one felt really big. He pushed it in and I screamed. They all started laughing. He started fucking me very hard. Big thrusts like he was  very horny. I think He fucked me for about 5 mins. But it was like hell...Then he came on my stomach. Now the guy sitting on my chest moved and they changed my position to doggy style....
one of them came towards me and said "let me teach this bitch a lesson".He spanked my ass a few times with full power.
Then he started inserting his cock...Tears were coming out of my eyes. But regardless of that he started fucking me. meanwhile another man came and put his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth. I was on my legs and arms like a bitch and getting fucked in both my holes at same time...But after a while I started enjoying it and started moaning.
The guy fucked me in my mouth and then came inside it..the guy fucking me from behind was also jerking my cock with his hand I came in about 5 minutes and I was done...but he went on for about 10 more minutes...I wanted to rest but there were still five guys left.I scream no thats enough. But they didn't listen...Another guy came and started fucking me.They all fucked me one by one, some in the mouth some in the ass.and as they came they went and sat on the chair to watch me get fucked....I thought once all the guys had finished it was over and I could relax.
But they were horny again and it started for the second time and they fucked me all over again.
This went on for almost 5 hours. The guys who were done were drinking and smoking. and they took breaks but for me no breaks Somebody was always there fucking me.I didn't get rest for even a single second.Fred was watching all of it but he didn't fuck me.He was not even undressed.
Then after all the guys were done second time..they left me on bed curled in all the cum. they went and sat on the table and started drinking...
One of them ordered something to eat...
I had to piss and clean my ass...but I was so tired from all the fucking that couldn't even stand..but somehow I got up trambling and barely able to walk...I started walking towards the bathroom and one of the men spanked me on my ass again and they all started laughting...
   I went to the bathroom and started pissing, suddenly a man came into the bathroom and started hugging me from behind and held my dk while I was pissin.I didn't resist coz I was too tired and the man was much bigger than I continued  pissing.He was naked and drunk I could feel his hard cock pressing aginst my ass and he started to make way for his cock to enter into my ass I was finishing pissing he pushed his cock in...and slowly started fucking...small strokes...but gradually he increased power as he became more horny. He pushed my head down in bent over position now my face was inside the toilet seat and he was fucking me badly from behind ....
He fucked me for a while  and left the toilet when he was done I sat on the floor of the washroom for a while and  another man came in he said..."Its time baby"and grabbed  my arm and dragged me outside...they were all drunk and their cocks were hard...Now they were not up for fucking but raping me. This time they didn't do it one by one.This time they all came onto me like animals.One of them started fucking very hard..another jerking me another fucking my mouth.
The guy jerked me so hard that I came again and as I came it became harder to get fucked.But they kept on fucking me...
Now it was 11 in the night...and it had been almost 12 hours since it started...and finally when they all fucked me.they shook hands with fred and left...
Only Fred and me were left in the room...I was on the bed naked and tired I looked at Fred, he was drunk but still wearing all his clothes.He got up and stood in front of me.I looked at him and I could see his hard dk inside his pants...He said "That was hot watching all that, Wasn't it??" and suddenly He started taking his pants off..."I know you have had enough but watching all this made me very horny and you have to get fucked one more time" I didn't say anything or move.I was lying on my side naked and helpless...He took his pants off and came onto the bed he moved me to make me lie on my back...I didn't want to look at him in his eyes so I turned my face sideways.He lifted my legs and carefully inserted his cock inside my ass and started fucking me...He fucked me for a while..I don't remember I was so tired that I fell asleep while he was fucking me...
When I woke up next morning he was gone and there was dried up cum all over me and the bedsheet


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