It's indeed a dumbstruck!
Bro/siz, you had the opportunity of a lifetime sitting in your lap! A platform that any other struggling youth in our communities would’ve perhaps killed to gain access too; and yet you tossed it away❓It’s my fear that in your ignorance, you don’t realize that you could’ve transitioned the opportunity you had into other substantial success or profits or wealth or even became a highly-paid and respected delegate or ambassador‼️


The one consensus that is making many youth to fail,give-up and commit suicide in life is thorough the disregard for professionalism and the desire to be “Beyonce” before gaining their “halo.


We wish you luck, but The Flyy-Life will NOT “prick our finger and drink the punch.” 


I understand that when you post a nude pic or sex video, the four or five hundred “likes” you receive can become intoxicating. But this Sir is misleading! See those fawning over you online disasters don’t even represent a small percentage of the over-all community. They most definitely can’t assist in tangible, fiduciary, future opportunity. 

THE NARRATION OF DELTA'S EXPERIENCE.Do not rush into meeting people whom you just made friends on Dating apps.Do not

I use to surf internet to find new experiences and I was trying to experience a gangbang.I was also trying to test my limts. So I was surfing in grindr for many days and found a few interesing oppurtunities. But one of them struck right.
His name was fred 24 yrs from Runda. I went to meet him in a kuchu pub in Nai Tom mboya street. We had a few drinks and we discussed where and how we are gonna do a gangbang. He told me that he has 3 gym friends who are interested.
So after fixing the date and time I booked the lodging we had agreed here in Nairobi since he knew the management.
The day came and I went to the lodge at 11 am and took two bottles of vodka with me and started waiting and drinking.
After about half an hour I heard the door knoking. When I opened the door there were some masculine luo men standing outside smiling at me like I was a bitch.I thought I wud talk to Fred that there were too many and I was not ready for it. But b…


My message to young queer person out there is love yourself,embrace who you are understand your world first before you want your parents or the world to understand it above all,go to school,everything can be taken from you but no one can take your education take your education away from you,to parents and families Please understand we don't choose to be who we are,we are born this way,stop making us feel bad for being who we are,as though we filled an application form,wrote a test,went for an interview and then we got the certificate that we are queer,it doesn't work like
It doesn't work like that,better have a queer child than a criminal queer child.
(I felt that I need to share out this to those queer and LGBTQ readers and friends who have always sort my help:and also is meant for anyone despite the sexual orientation mentioned)

South Africa Report

RESISTANCEDespite 57% already having resistance to darunavirPanamus CmantoPublished: 09 May 2019People with resistance to first- and second-line antiretroviral drugs can still achieve high rates of viral suppression in the first year on third-line regimens according to a South African study published in the January issue of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.Third-line therapy was defined in the study to be any treatment regimen that included one of darunavir, raltegravir, or etravirine after documented resistance and failure of a regimen based on a protease inhibitor (PI).The study provides the first evidence to show the effectiveness of third-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) use in the first year in a large cohort of a public sector programme and in a resource limited setting. However, it does not show what happens to people after the initial year so more analysis needs to be done to determine the effectiveness of the programme.In this study, 83% and 79% of people …