AIDS dementia complex typically occurs as the CD4+ count falls to less than 200 cells/microliter. It may be the first sign of AIDS. With the advent of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), the frequency of ADC has declined. HAART may not only prevent or delay the onset of AIDS dementia complex in people with HIV infection, it can also improve mental function in people who already have ADC.
Causes of AIDS Dementia AIDS dementia complex is caused by the HIV virus itself, not by the opportunistic infections that occur commonly in the course of the disease. We do not know exactly how the virus damages brain cells.
HIV may affect the brain through several mechanisms. Viral proteins may damage nerve cells directly or by infecting inflammatory cells in the brain and spinal cord. HIV may then induce these cells to damage and disable nerve cells. HIV appears to cause generalized inflammation, which causes chronic disease, memory issues, accelerate…


Cognitive impairment is a situation where a person has trouble in remembering,learning new things,concentrating or making decisions that affect their everyday life.Cognitive impairment caused by HIV is usually mild in people taking HIV treatment .This means that many of the risk factors for cognitive impairment in PLHIV can be treated or changed by adherence to effective HIV treatment,social connection and mental engagement. HIV ASSOCIATED Cognitive Disorder or HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorder(HAND) occurs when HIV itself directly affect the brain and cause cognitive disorders:this kind of an impairment is common to people who have a low CD4 count before they begin HIV treatment.This condition can be changed by taking  effective HIV treatment this will help the condition not to progress to dementia.Currently,HIV Associated Dementia is now hardly ever seen  because of the widespread use of effective HIV treatment expect in people who are diagnosed with HIV  ata a very late stage,w…


It’s so much opportunity out there for members of the LGBT community. How much longer are the attractive and talented members of this community going to continue to degrade, exploit themselves and sacrifice future opportunity for porn and sexual vulgarity? If those words seem too big, how much longer must we glamorize dick and ass over real life opportunity and accomplishment? Bro, at a certain point, we must have the self-control to bypass the frivolous temptations of the world and keep our sites on a bigger and better picture. Hopefully you will mature and become cognizant of the future decisions you make. Opportunity only comes once or twice in a lifetime! As I always say, the goal should always be to excel and uplift yourself from the mud that everyone else is forced to maintain in.


THE FORGE OF A NEW PATH BY:Panamus Cmanto They have been ,in my time  the living proof of the fabulous nature of this collective dream toward achieving achieving the global goal of zero Aids. But for the moment ,they have turn away from those generalized,macrocosmic notions to concentrate upon a more private ritual:HIV/AIDs,was nevertheless quite imaginary;into a mythical land ,a country which would never exist except by efforts of a phenomenal collective will- except in a dream we all agreed to dream that has been a mass fantasy shared in varying degrees by NOPE,Unitaid,CHRD and among many other key partners,and would  periodically need the santifaction and renewal which can only be provided by rituals of sacrifices and sensitization amongst us in order to  achieve the 90-90-90 ambitious target of UNAIDs has set. “Due to societal pressure i was forced to marry to cover shame and that was not a very good decision,”Lucy Wanjiku Director of Positive Young Women Voices  said adding that she…

My Birthday

Today being the day i was born,i look back and feel a touch of pride at my younger self's dedication to literature,activism and aviation which have always given me the strength of mind to resist the blandishments of enemies of promise.. I was born at Bondeni Maternity on 1st June 1996.And the time?The time matters,too.Well then at night.No,its important to be more...On the stroke of midnight,as a matter of fact.Clock-hands joined palms in respectful greeting as i came.Oh,spell it out,spell it out:at the precise instant of Kenya's celebration as a free state on Madaraka Day,i tumbled forth into the world.There were gasps.And,outside the window,fireworks and crowds.A few seconds later,my father broke his big toe;but his a mere trifle when set beside what had befallen me in that benighted moment,because thanks to the occult of tyrannies of those blandly saluting clocks i had been mysteriously handcuffed to history,my destinies indissolubly chained to those of my country.For the …


In the renewed silence,i return to sheets of paper which smell just a little of turmeric ,ready and willing to put out of its misery a narrative which i left yesterday hanging in the mid-air...(enjoy the broken parts of its coming soon)