Cognitive impairment is a situation where a person has trouble in remembering,learning new things,concentrating or making decisions that affect their everyday life.
Cognitive impairment caused by HIV is usually mild in people taking HIV treatment .This means that many of the risk factors for cognitive impairment in PLHIV can be treated or changed by adherence to effective HIV treatment,social connection and mental engagement.
HIV ASSOCIATED Cognitive Disorder or HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorder(HAND) occurs when HIV itself directly affect the brain and cause cognitive disorders:this kind of an impairment is common to people who have a low CD4 count before they begin HIV treatment.This condition can be changed by taking  effective HIV treatment this will help the condition not to progress to dementia.Currently,HIV Associated Dementia is now hardly ever seen  because of the widespread use of effective HIV treatment expect in people who are diagnosed with HIV  ata a very late stage,with a very low CD4 count.
Evaluating The Cognitive Functioning Of Children With HIV By Looking At Their Performance On An Intelligence Test.
Do you really believe that HIV affects the cognitive function?
Its important to note that the poor school performances among children with HIV could be the result of multiple factors, including the effect of HIV infection on brain development during the first few years of life before they were enrolled on treatment, the socioeconomic status of the family, and the lack of parental care for orphans. By receiving the HIV diagnosis and starting treatment in infancy, children with HIV have a better chance of avoiding the risks of developmental delay and also cognitive impairment.Recent Studies  have compared cognitive function in people living with HIV and in HIV negative people of a similar age,education and lifestyle:they have shown small differences in cognitive test results.(for this I will give an example of Nyumbani children’s Home in Karen Kenya-I have seen how those boys and girls dreams have been killed just because they  have been told that HIV has affected the cognitive functioning of their brains-this message was a shock to me cause it came from the director of the institution herself:that’s a lie why do we see other HIV born people succeeding and doing well in school?)
The research findings on Cognitive impairment in PLHIV sounds worrying .These research findings need to be carefully interpreted.In particular,it’s important to take note of how cognitive problems are defined.
For example,they may be described as:
>Asymptomatic-tiny changes which aren’t noticeable in daily life.
>Mild-minor problems which have a limited impact on daily life.
>Dementia-more severe problems which interfere significantly with daily life.
Studies are often based on cognitive tests which can detect small declines in memory and thinking processes,but these changes may have no meaningful impact on people’s lives.
Researchers do not agree on whether people with asymptomatic impairment are likely to go on to have mild impairment.

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