My Birthday

Today being the day i was born,i look back and feel a touch of pride at my younger self's dedication to literature,activism and aviation which have always given me the strength of mind to resist the blandishments of enemies of promise..
I was born at Bondeni Maternity on 1st June 1996.And the time?The time matters,too.Well then at night.No,its important to be more...On the stroke of midnight,as a matter of fact.Clock-hands joined palms in respectful greeting as i came.Oh,spell it out,spell it out:at the precise instant of Kenya's celebration as a free state on Madaraka Day,i tumbled forth into the world.There were gasps.And,outside the window,fireworks and crowds.A few seconds later,my father broke his big toe;but his a mere trifle when set beside what had befallen me in that benighted moment,because thanks to the occult of tyrannies of those blandly saluting clocks i had been mysteriously handcuffed to history,my destinies indissolubly chained to those of my country.For the next two decades, there was to be no escape.Soothsayers had prophesied me,newspapers celebrated my arrival,politicos ratified my authenticity.I was left without a say in matter.I Panamus Cmanto later called Panoh, Black Ice,Achapi Toto and even Piece -of-the-Moon had become heavily embroiled in Fate-at the best of times a dangerous sort of involvement.And i couldn't even wipe my own nose at the time...
( to be continued for those who will buy my book Here By Choice)


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