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The Who I Am

Portrait as real me Sometimes I feel. I should have been born an abortion. I was born with a life laid down for me. And I'm confused. I'm not the boy my mother brought up to be. I'm not the pussy loving guy my peers think I am. But . I wonder how this world is. There are those who never see the greatness in a man, those who will never see me as anything more than a cocksucker- Yet I am a poet too. Even as I speak. Some is baying for my blood. Everyday I struggle to break chains And all I want is to live peacefully, My body not being paraded as an outcast, Not to be stared, when I walk with my lover! And I swear I'm saturated with the absorption of all this hate. Why cant this world let everyone be? I have come home ,ran into the deepest of waters. All I offer is my true love.


I admit there is no word for my love in my first language.I have to search myself in a foreign tongue. My brain is quite a ruin.This bloody fingers cannot let me drown into obscurity. Have you ever known how to love in survival?How to avoid making love even when your desires are charging you all over? I mean,if God is for us all why is the world against me? Here I am alive but not living.In my language i cannot be found,my body is a a war upon a war.The only way to live is to die. God brought me to this world as a faggot only to deny me a name in my tongue! forgive me I rejected myself for many years & i know what it means. This is the only way to live.My toes digging upon the ground. Do not ask me whether i'm gay. Maybe someday my body will be freed.


1. The edge of water is the end of the ocean. In Los Angeles I spike my body and wonder how many black bodies are swallowed in the waters. I escape the haunting shadows through a paperback of Danez Smith's Don't call us dead. 2. There are no miracles in this world. Men have always remained what they are. Rivers running through the lands Black bodies being maimed everywhere! Its an erasure Hopes dwindling World peace just a dream We write on palms while fingers press for the bullet We remain silent as a man makes threats of annihilation to a country. 3. I am back at the Place of my birth. At the airport I'm greeted by stares and finger pointings. The faggot is back! 4. By now I do not care what the world says. I have seen everything I should have never seen Black boys being shot cold blank A somali boy setting himself on fire. I regret nothing. I regret nothing except for not telling all the men I have ever had a crush on that I felt something for th…