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I use to surf internet to find new experiences and I was trying to experience a gangbang.I was also trying to test my limts. So I was surfing in grindr for many days and found a few interesing oppurtunities. But one of them struck right.
His name was fred 24 yrs from Runda. I went to meet him in a kuchu pub in Nai Tom mboya street. We had a few drinks and we discussed where and how we are gonna do a gangbang. He told me that he has 3 gym friends who are interested.
So after fixing the date and time I booked the lodging we had agreed here in Nairobi since he knew the management. 
The day came and I went to the lodge at 11 am and took two bottles of vodka with me and started waiting and drinking.
After about half an hour I heard the door knoking. When I opened the door there were some masculine luo men standing outside smiling at me like I was a bitch.I thought I wud talk to Fred that there were too many and I was not ready for it. But before I could even count them they came in and one of …


I went to a school where boys were beaten and lynched and left to die because of their effeminate bodies.
Those days I learnt how to hold my body in silence like falling leaves in harmattan wind,
To die inside a body,to hold my tears as a boys bones are torn into pieces by his classmates.

When I finally left high school ,the first sunday I found myself in a glass taint cathedral.I knelt for too long whispering a prayer to the Virgin Mary,
Poured the holy water on my face ten times as I swallowed words on bodily reincarnation through the Apostle's creed.

When it turned out my desires could no longer be cured I left the church and its doctrines.

I tried to find God in rolls of Marijuana,to find love in chewing of ghats .

I found my body in dirty pits and brothels where men came to find the meaning of life in between women's thighs.
But I was just a boy who had rejected his body.
A boy whose bones ached of love and sands of stingy tongues of love desires overwhelmed him.This was how I le…

A Gay Poet's Prayer.

How do I survive
In a world where love is met with Pangas and bullets?
In a world where love means imprisonment?

So I ask,
Let me be the sacrificial litargy
Let my body be the christ that will gay love become African,
Mould my body into a boat,
To carry Lynches, Acids!

I wrote the name of my lover on the waters of the oceans,a name curved in letters inscribed in my soul.
There I said.Go.Go.Go.
Only to see it dissolve
Into nothingness.

Like how words words dissolve on a page of black paint
Queer love written on it.In black and red
For blood and life.

The Origin Of Black Gay Boys

The Origin of black gay boys

At the cathedral
The minister said
It's the end of time
As pictures of two black men kissing projected on the wall as clear as Essex Hemphill's 'American wedding' reads in my mind

Clifton Gachagua thinks gay men should decolonize.

They say go back to the closet
Where it hurts not
They say go back to the closet and kiss darkness

Search me in silence
Where my broken wings make a home in the wild

Scholars postulate that we are a creation of post-modernism
And our voices are too loud to shake the continental make up

They say we are a creation of the whiteman
Something unnatural


Before coming out
You will learn how to hate your body,
You will feel awkward and alone but you will have to transform your aloneness and alienness into lyrics of gay blues
And to wear your body like a pullover ,
Search yourself in a mirror
And inhale twice in the morning just to be sure you are alive.

At times you will try to figure out
How to tell your mother
That you will not bring a girl home,
You will feel more dirtier and dirtier
Then you will break into tears holding your body like an eggshell ,
Trying to break it into pieces.

In your heart you will learn to hold the name of the boy
You love
In your tongue.
At night you will wonder of the origin of a boy's beauty,the moon dawning deep inside your bones,